mission statement


Our Mission is to operate a not-for-profit community radio station which is by the community and for the community and is inclusive of all the special interests and needs of everyone in the Dublin 10 community and beyond. We want to develop Together FM, Community Radio to its full potential and move from being an online station to receiving a broadcast licence from the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland.

Together FM Values, Mission and Vision 
  • To operate a not-for-profit community radio station whose management and programming is based on community access and participation which reflects the special interests and needs of the listenership of the Dublin 10 community that the station is licensed to serve. 
  • To focus on our community through radio excellence we will create an important community resource, one that promotes connections and fosters a sense of belonging. We will maintain a local focus for sharing music, arts, culture, news and opinions. We will serve the people of our community by providing outlets for their creative skills and energies
  • To value and respect everyone and their personal dignity. While debate is a necessary and healthy part of the discourse in broadcasting and station management, bigotry and personal attacks will not be tolerated.
  • To continue to develop professional and personal skills as volunteer managers and broadcasters, to support and empower all volunteers and staff with Together FM to broaden their experiences, learn and increase their self-confidence and professional skills.
  • To be inclusive and empower minority groups and marginalised members of the community through access and participation in programme making and the running of the station and promote social inclusion.
  • To provide education and training in Media and Communications to individuals from all backgrounds and community groups to involve people in their community radio services, to inspire creativity and expression. To develop personal and professional skills so as to strengthen capacity as community activists and volunteer broadcasters.
  • To be an active participant in the broader community radio community and follow the BAI and CRAOL guidelines and learn about and support other community radio stations.