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We Act with Culture Night Friday 23 September

banner for WE ACT and Culture Night

We Act is a campaign that’s all about celebrating the charity and community sector. It’s also about breaking down barriers and increasing understanding between the public and the organisations at work in their communities. Since the beginning of this campaign, it was an ambition to very literally open the doors of charities and community groups around Ireland, and to let the public see inside.  

And now is our chance!  

We Act is collaborating with Culture Night to host a special programme of events aimed at sharing your organisations with the public. Whether you’re in the arts space or you run overseas aid programmes, if you’re a tiny rural youth centre or a large mental health charity in a city, we want you to open your doors and showcase what you do for one evening, on Friday, 23 September 2022.

banner for WE ACT and Culture Night
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