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Together Meets Karen Healy

Karen Healy has been involved with co-ordinating the now annual ‘Dip in the nip’ fundraiser for the
last six years. A strong supporter and advocate for this very worthy cause took time out of her busy
schedule to fill us in on the reasons behind this ‘bare all fundraiser’ who takes part, how to get
sponsorship, what happens on the day and who benefits from those brave enough to wear only their
birthday suit to the beach.
The North East ‘Dip in the Nip’ raises much needed funds for the North East Cancer Research &
Education Trust and all funds raised are going to the North East Oncology unit in Drogheda, Co
Louth. It is a ladies only event and is happening on 17 th September 2017 at a secret location.
Cancer touches most of us at some point in our lives either on a personal level or by impacting on
family or friends. If you would like to donate or be involved in this important cause please email