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Together Meets Gerry Meade

Professional chef Gerry Meade feels strongly about eating healthy and believes that if people are armed with the right knowledge and culinary skills they’re more likely to cook healthy food on a regular basis. With this in mind he launched the Healthy Cooking Club. This fantastic evening spent in your home with friends, family and your own professional chef provides a much more exciting alternative than the cookery book sitting on the shelf in your house gathering dust.

Gerry visited us in studio to share how his personalised cookery classes work and not only provide you with a 5 course menu of your choice but also share with you many valuable tips of the trade, to help you feel confident and skilled in dishing up delicious and healthy meals for you and your family. Listen in and hear more you never know, having a fun and entertaining cookery session in your own home might just be the inspiration you need to change your thinking around food forever.

To learn more about The Healthy Cooking Club call Gerry on 085 717 9005 or visit FB