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Phase 2 “C-Spine” of BusConnects To Start On 28th November

Yesterday it was announced that the second phase of the new BusConnects Network called the C-Spine will begin operations on November 28th. The C-Spine follows the success of the H-Spine service earlier this year.

In an article announcing the C-Spine, it was confirmed that the routes will serve Maynooth, Celbridge, Leixlip, Lucan, Adamstown, Liffey Valley and Palmerstown to the City Centre, Ringsend and Sandymount.

Removal of Old Routes and Introduction of New Routes:

According to the Transport For Ireland dedicated C-Spine website, Phase 2 will see the introduction of the C-Spine (C1, C2, C3, C4), route 52, eight peak only routes (P29, X25, X26, X27, X28, X30, X31 and X32) and six local routes (L51, L52, L53, L54, L58 and L59). Two night-time routes (C5 and C6) will also be introduced. This phase will be primarily operated by Dublin Bus, with the exception of the L51 and L52 which will be operated by Go-Ahead Ireland.

The introduction of Phase 2 will see the removal of the following routes: 25, 25a, 25b, 25d, 25x, 66, 66a, 66b, 66e, 66n, 66x, 67, 67n and 67x operated by Dublin Bus and route 239, operated by Go-Ahead Ireland.


The C-Spine and BusConnects will provide a more frequent series of buses, night time routes and even 24hr services. C1 and C2 will operate every 20-30 minutes while the C3 and C4 willl run every half hour. For information on particular routes see the frequency table here.

For more information on the new BusConnects Network follow @BusConnects on Twitter.


Dedicated C-Spine Website

Phase 2 “C Spine” of the New BusConnects Network for Dublin to commence on 28th November