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The company is Together FM Limited a company limited by guarantee having no share capital.

It will be run as a non for profit business with all participants acting in a voluntary capacity initially.

The Board of Directors / Management / Members will have the right to make changes by majority decision in the running of the station.

A volunteer manager will run the station with a paid manager when funds allow.



Together FM will operate good governance and management controls to insure compliance and accountability.

It will ensure that any employment and programming practices are non-discriminatory. Such practices shall be publicly accessible.



Together FM shall ensure access by minorities, and their interests. Marginalized and disadvantaged groups subject to the resources available to it and Together FM will assist such groups in making use of its facilities


Education & Training

Together FM will provide education and training to individuals, geographic communities, and communities of interest in order to facilitate a Community Radio service as a medium for community development as well as a medium for community expression. To develop personal and professional skills sets so as to strengthen capacity as community activists and volunteer broadcasters, fees may be charged for this service.



Together FM shall be objective and impartial in its news programming. We will draw on a diversity of reliable sources of information. In its current affairs programming we will ensure that  issues relating to current affairs are fair and impartial to all interests concerned thereby empowering the people of West Dublin to make informed democratic decisions and enhancing democratic participation by the community.



Together FM guarantees a right of reply to any person or group that feels aggrieved

Together FM will be run on a “not-for-profit” basis and will seek to secure funding from a wide variety of sources to guarantee the maintenance of its editorial independence. Sponsors, advertisers and other funding sources shall have no influence over the development or implementation of editorial policy.



Together FM shall foster the ethos of volunteer participation in the management and operation of the station, shall recognize and respect their contribution, Together FM recognizes the right of paid workers to join trade unions, shall provide satisfactory working conditions for both volunteers and paid workers. Together FM aims to foster an atmosphere of mutual respect between all station users both volunteer and paid.