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Most People To Continue Wearing Masks

Yesterday, it was speculated that NPHET could get rid of the mandatory requirement to wear a mask in retail and hospitality settings. In this settings, mask wearing will be optional.  The requirement to wear a face covering will remain mandatory in healthcare settings.

In a poll conducted by Together FM on Instagram, 71% of people will continue to wear a mask.

One said “i haven’t had covid yet and I feel safer with it on, especially on public transport”.

Another said “if I’m ill I will”

A third noted that they will only wear a mask “in situations when at risk at spreading it”.

The poll also showed that just under 30% of people would not continue to wear a mask or face covering when the mandate gets lifted. However there was no comments made.

Note: The findings of this poll are not definitive and do not represent the wider public. It only contains information provided through Instagram on Friday 18th of February 2022 between 8am and 12pm. Participants of the poll were informed that their comments will be shared anonymously in this article.