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Mary Farrelly and Marian McCullagh – Return to Education – 21st June 2017

Mary Farrelly has a background in training, education and disability services. She has a passionate interest in community and in highlighting the many good things happening in communities.

Her programme, Together Meets…, sets out to create awareness of and celebrate the strengths of some of the great people and services within the community. It covers a range of topics and inspiring stories such as success stories, community supports and services that make a difference for people

In this episode Mary talks to Marian McCullagh about her journey back to the world of education as a mature learner. Marian shares her personal journey discussing her motivation for returning to the classroom, the challenges, the benefits and the overall experience as well as what this has meant to her on a personal level.

Since completing her degree, Marian has gone on to further studies and has recently launched her new business AOS Training Consultants, working primarily with small businesses and start-ups.