Halloween Fireworks Display In Cherry Orchard

This event is organised by DCC.


The Dublin City Council (DCC) are excited to confirm that there will be a return of the annual Halloween Firework Display in Cherry Orchard this year following the cancellation of the event last year following lockdown.

The display takes place this Halloween, Sunday October 31st at 7pm in Cherry Orchard Park.

The event is a joyful occasion for all and helps create a great sense of community in the cherry orchard area.  It also helps in reducing anti social behaviour on the night and hopefully reduces the need to have people light bonfires etc.

Note: This event is organised by DCC to help prevent Bonfires being lit in the local community.  Please keep your green areas free of Bonfires as they impact on your area and create pollution which is harmful for the environment and people’s health.


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