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Gardaí Numbers in Ballyfermot Have Dropped

Despite getting five new recently graduated recruits in early June, the number of Gardaí in Ballyfermot is less now than what it was at the beginning of the year.

Figures released at the recent Ballyfermot Policing forum have shown that the current number of Gardaí in the Ballyfermot area is 69, down from the 73 in January of this year.

Anti-social behaviour has been a common occurrence in the Ballyfermot area in recent times. In the last six months there have been violent pre-planned brawls, assaults and vandalism.

Gardaí have been struggling to deal with it in an efficient manner and a lack of resources has played a large part of that struggle. With less Gardaí on the streets and given that there is only one squad car which is shared with Clondalkin, it would appear that this kind of struggle is going to continue.