Free Online Cyber Safety Boot Camp with Cyber Safe Ireland


We live in a world where technology and the internet dominate our everyday lives. Since the start of the global pandemic in March, we have been attending classes online and working from home and some have been online shopping. Now, more than ever, it is important to be safe when online.

As a result of this, Cyber Safe Ireland are hosting a a FREE Online Cyber Safety bootcamp!

This event is a week long series of webinars, led by expert trainers, will teach online safety and digital citizenship for ages 8-12. Children have to attend all 5 webinars.

The event takes place from Monday 7th December to Friday 11th December at 3.30pm (Each daily session lasts 20 minutes).

You can sign up here. Please note your email address will be passed to the facilitator to send you on the Zoom codes for the live workshop. An adult should be present with the child during the workshop.

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