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Club and County teams using Irish Tech to replicate pre-season in Lockdown!

Some good news for local sports clubs around the country as Club and County Gaa teams aswell as soccer & rugby clubs are using the Irish built Actimet platform to help oversee their players individual training sessions and compare intensity levels to other players in their squad, helping coaches work to improve the training each is doing

Rory McGauran – Head of Operations at Actimet notes: “We’ve seen a dramatic increase of team sign ups this year so far – as coach and management teams are learning more about the power of subjective athelte monitoring where athletes share their perception of training intensity and wellness”.

Gaa, Soccer and Rugby teams are using Actimet to help replicate that pre-season effort level for players who, right now, are forced to train on their own. The information is easily shared via the Actimet Athelte mobile app and viewed by coaching teams via the Actimet coach portal.

Actimet is simplifying the communication path between athlete and coach and also allows messaging from coach to athlete, feedback from the player and the ability to share training plans and schedules.

McGauran continues “the feedback from teams is extremely positive as it is helping all sides stay connected and providing players with a connection to the teams they want to be training for, helping them to be aligned with the rest of their squad and prepared for when they can return as a group.
Clubs are also extremely positive about the wellness function which can be used for, not only a way to measure readiness to train, but also allows players an avenue to highlight if they need any help with stresses from work, home or elsewhere. We have heard of numerous cases where club management and officials were able to act on well being issues highlighted by players – helping them to overcome things they would never have known about if it wasnt for Actimet.”

Actimet consists of an easy to use mobile app for the player and web portal for the coach. Founded by two members of the Galway senior hurling managment team (Lukasz Kirszenstein (Head of S&C and Rory McGauran (Head of Perf Analysis) as well as Souch African Technical Architect Edward Kaschula.