Grainne Tyndall

The Authors of In Two Minds Join Grainne this week on The Soul Hour

On The Soul Hour this week, host Grainne Tyndal will joined by Althea Farren and Lorraine Cullen, co-authors of In Two Minds, a book of short stories and writings. Both Althea and Lorraine combine their individual experiences and knowledge in the book, which is a mix of both fiction and non fiction. Join them this …

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The Soul Hour with Grainne Tyndall and guest Danielle Serpico Danielle’s business is the Black Belt Mastermind Academy which involves helping people to lead a more effective and beneficial life by showing people how to master their owns minds. Danielle speaks about some of the experiences that have made her the woman she is today.

The Soul Hour /w Grainne Tyndall and guest Deborah Anne Kinsella

Deborah has studied Holistic Health and Complementary Therapy, Indian Head Massage, Hot Stone Therapy and Sound Healing. Deborah is now a Teacher of Yoga in Bluebell and is currently on her own yoga journey of 300 hours.

In this episode of The Soul Hour /w Grainne Tyndall, Deborah speaks about the struggles she went through as a single mother working 60+ hours a week as a Hairdresser and the journey of self discovery that has led to her success in Hairdressing and Yoga and also the feedback she gets from helping others.