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Cafe Aon Scéal win gold award for promoting Irish language in Tallaght

Irish Cafe promoting irish language

CAFÉ Aon Scéal brought three national Gold awards home to Tallaght this week for its promotion of the Irish language in business.

The Main Street café earned the Bonn Óir award in all three categories of the inaugural Gradaim Gnó Na hÉireann, a new Irish business scheme.



The awards aim to put the Irish language at the forefront of business, recognising companies that promote the use of Irish in business.

Among the 85 businesses that entered the


awards scheme was Café Aon Scéal, which earned Gold in the categories of Comharthaíocht/Signage, Margaíocht/ Marketing and Seirbhís/ Service.

The awards are based on the results of a comprehensive assessment process completed in September.

On Tuesday, businesses gathered in City Hall for the inaugural ceremony, with members of the Café Aon Scéal team and Gaelphobal Thamlachta present.

These included Dawn NicÍomhar, an tOifigeach Forbartha Gaeilge, and Pól Ó Meadhra, Chairperson of Gaelphobal Thamhlachta.

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