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BC Disability Action Collective partner with Dublin Story Slam for an online storytelling evening to celebrate Social Inclusion Week

The BC Disability Action Collective are partnering with the Dublin Story Slam on Tuesday September 29th at 8:00 pm for an evening of online storytelling to celebrate Social Inclusion Week.

The theme of the evening is ‘Storytelling for Social Change’ were you’’ll hear stories from members of the BC Disability Action Collective who will share their personal experiences of their disabilities.

Comedian and author Colm O’Reagan is the host for the evening and there will be lots of opportunities for audience interaction, too.

For those who cannot attend, the Dublin Story Slam is a monthly event (which has now gone online) where people from all walks of life share a 4 to 7-minute story about a one-word theme like “Regret” or “Heart”.

Registration is free, but spaces are limited. To sign up email or text 085-2277033