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Aunua – 2nd February 2018 – Monika Rak

Monika Rak, Holistic, Intuitive Life Coach, Sound & Energy Healing Practitioner, Meditation Teacher and Transformation Facilitator based in Dublin. She specializes in Relaxation, Clarity, and Empowerment, and also the founder of HAPPY CHOICE. Intuitively use sounds and energy to help people relax, gain clarity and personal power to reach their goals and dreams. She believes that each of us has a unique set of talents and passions, and if we allow ourselves to be relaxed, to be authentic, and to trust our intuition and follow our hearts, we can experience life as an inspired journey. Each of us has the ability to live a joyful life, however to do so we need to choose joy and happiness on a daily basis. Once we realize that happiness is a choice, we are free to create it at any given moment.

You can contact Monika:

Mob: 085 8282 117