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Almost 10% Of Irish People Have Gotten A Vaccination

Just when things seem to have taken a turn for the worse, some postive and uplifting news has broken.

Today, it has been confirmed that almost 10% of Irish people have been administered some sort of vaccine.

So far, 654,251 doses of a covid vaccine have been given in Ireland. This means roughly 9.6% of the Irish population have recieved their vaccination.

  • 478,725 people have received their first dose.
  • 175,526 people have received their second dose. This is roughly 3.5% of the entire population.

The breakdown of the various different vaccines given look like this:

  • Pfizer: 504,410
  • AstraZeneca: 129,352
  • Moderna: 20,489

You may ask yourself, how did these companies develop their vaccine so quickly? Well, we have broken this down in a previous article called How Was A COVID-19 Vaccine Developed So Fast | COVID Vaccine Explained.