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Aunua – Karina Murray

Karina Murray: Co.Founder of AUNUA team, Together FM Radio Presenter, NLP Practitioner, New founding member of the Genius Educator Program, Scout Leader.

Last September she conceived AUNUA, a personal development program one that gained huge support from many professional contributors and speakers. This program was designed to inspire a passion to support positive mental health. Small steps make big changes was the message and each step represented great possibilities within us all and re-connecting was the goal. AUNUA was formally launched on the 6th February 2017 in the Green Isle Hotel Dublin. Since them her direction has changed and built a team of profesional speakers and together they are on a mission with to pilot this new school program R.O.A.R into our secondary schools in 2018. The aim is to provide the tools than will encourage a better mind-set and empower our young people in their years ahead.