Aunua – Pamela Galligan

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Pamela Galligan is a Cavan mother of 2 children. Shes the Founder of “Find Your Voice” and an Inspirational Speaker who found her own voice after her own childhood adversity. She now made it her mission to inspire new hope in those who have lost their voice and with her counselling and psychotherapy training she is making differences in many … Read More

Aunua – Jennifer Cullen

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Believe Management is a full service management agency, we aim to provide a one-stop solution for artists. At Believe, our main aim is to ‘Believe’ in our artists. We want to provide the opportunity for them to navigate through the industry as who they really are and we want to help them spread their message within the industry. Our artists … Read More

Aunua – Karina Murray

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Karina Murray: Co.Founder of AUNUA team, Together FM Radio Presenter, NLP Practitioner, New founding member of the Genius Educator Program, Scout Leader. Last September she conceived AUNUA, a personal development program one that gained huge support from many professional contributors and speakers. This program was designed to inspire a passion to support positive mental health. Small steps make big changes … Read More

Pets and Vets – 25th November 2017

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In this show, TogetherFM’s own Mary Clarke interviews members of the Irish Blue Cross about the dos and don’ts of pet ownership along with top tips on how to keep your furry friends healthy and happy. The Blue Cross

Together Meets – Juanita Duke

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Together meets …. Juanita Duke. This weeks show not only sets out to tell one woman’s story about why it’s so very important to truly follow your passions but how doing so can not only lead to your own success but also has the ability to inspire others to follow their dreams. Juanita also shares an amazing business opportunity for individuals … Read More

Together Meets – Mary O’Sullivan

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Together meets…. Mary O’Sullivan to learn a little more about why our very own Mary O’Sullivan is so very passionate about volunteering, some of her personal  experiences as a volunteer and how she believes that by giving freely you are likely to get so much back in return. We also learn how volunteering led her to Together FM and how the station is … Read More

Together Meets – Deirdre Dowling

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What you want to do with your life is very clear for some people but for many others making those all important decisions around what and where to study in order to find a fulfilling career that makes you happy is not always so easy. Listen in as Deirdre Dowling discusses some of the challenges for young people in making … Read More

Together Meets – Beat the Street

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A fab health initiative ‘being delivered by Intelligent Health on behalf of Dublin City Sport & Wellbeing Partnership, Dublin City Council, Healthy Ireland, The Dormant Accounts Fund and Sport Ireland’ aimed at getting people up and active within their communities in a fun and engaging way. “Beat the Street is an evidence based intervention to increase physical activity levels across … Read More

Together Meets – Cathy Barry & Mary O’Sullivan

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Following on from our interview a couple of weeks ago in the lead up to the big ‘Dip in the Nip fundraising event for Cancer Research, this week in studio listen to the chat and afterthoughts from three first time dippers Cathy Barry, Mary O’Sullivan and Mary Farrelly. Let’s just say it was an amazing experience and to see nearly … Read More