Ballyfermot since the Vikings – Grace Sexton – 8th June 2017

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Ballyfermot since the Vikings – Grace Sexton This is the first in a series of programmes that Grace Sexton will produce discussing the historical legacy of West Dublin, beginning with Ballyfermot. In this programme, she mentions research by historians, historical references to Ballyfermot and the controversy of Ballyfermot Castle and Cemetery.  Grace also talks about her meeting with Ballyfermot Heritage Group.  … Read More

“Between the Bookcases” – Ballyfermot Writers’ Group in association with the International Literature Festival

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The International Literature Festival comes to Ballyfermot! On 26th May as part of a celebration of local writers’ groups, Ballyfermot Writers Group (BWG) hosted its “Between the Bookcases” event. BWG was selected by the Dublin International Literature Festival to host the event as part of the festival’s “Stories from the City” strand Join us at Together FM for our coverage of this unique … Read More

The Week That Was and Sport 20th May 2017

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On the hoof in “The Week That Was” with Joe Boylan, Saul Woolfson and Together F.M. resident thespian David Spain –  a.k.a David Espanola Join us as we pay tribute to and enjoy fond memories of that great stalwart and hero of Irish football, Charlie Walker and dip into his memoir “In My Lifetime” for a flavour of his early … Read More

The Week That Was and Sport 6th May 2017

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Join us  for News and Sport on the hoof  with “The Week That Was “ with Joe Boylan, Saul Woolfson, Mary O’Sullivan and  resident  thespian, David Spain,  aka David Espanola as they discuss amongst other matters  – racism and mental  health issues  in football; allegations of match fixing  in  League of Ireland football; LOI round–up; the International Literature Festival  event … Read More

Aunua – 26th May 2017 – Michael Geraghty

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Karina is joined by Michael Geraghty from Bodycoach. Michael tells us how problems resulting from an unhealthy family lifestyle was a wake-up call for him, causing him to  re-evaluate his lifestyle and change his habits. Now he helps people to improve their own health and fitness.

A New You – 19th May 2017 – Catherine Smith

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Karina is joined by Catherine Smith – practitioner and teacher of Craniosacral Therapy from Prana Reflexology – to talk about the brain and reflexology. For more information about Catherine and Prana Reflexology click this link: AUNUA (A-New-U) is a health and well-being show hosted by Karina Murray, Co-Founder/Owner at AUNUA. ‘Small steps make big changes’.is the AUNUA motto.

A New You – 12th May 2017

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Sandii Jayne Hyland is a singer songwriter, and this week she joins Karina Murray from Aunua to talk about her career, her music and to play a few of her original tracks.

Turas Exhibition Ballyfermot Library March 2017

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Clondalkin based artist Christine Carey talking about her Semperit inspired exhibition, Turas, which was shown in Ballyfermot library in March. We also hear Dessie Robinson and David Spain, former employees of the tyre factory, talking about their experiences of working there. Turas re-opened on Friday 12th May 2017 in Park West (the location of the old Semperit factory) with some … Read More